The Convivio of San Luigi is born with the aim to establish a closer and more consistent relationship with you, following your preferences: indeed our wish is to enhance the interest that you have for our wines, our history and our roots.

We have already a good relationship with a number of people who have been following the evolution of our wines, have visited our estate and winery on such a regular basis to become a welcome fixture. Others have met us more recently, showing an immediate interest in our vineyards and their products. It is therefore our wish to let you know about our Convivio: you will be offered vertical tastings of past years, our exclusive previews, our best offers, free visits and other interesting events specially designed for you.

Through the Convivio, we will have the privilege to make you part of our history and give you a different and unique perspective of our wines and our territory, the Langhe. If you wish to be part of our society, you can sign up by filling the digital form here below: we will be happy to have you amongst our best friends.

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